Local Patriots Replace Worn American Flags For Free

A veteran who is also a Comcast Texas employee takes down a worn American Flag.

Whether you call it “Old Glory” or “the Stars and Stripes,” the American Flag represents so much to so many people. It pays tribute to service members, reflects our country’s values and symbolizes national unity. Time though and extreme Texas weather can often leave the “Red, White and Blue” tattered and worn. A new program will now replace those weathered flags – free of charge. Take a look.

A group of Comcast Texas’ employees recently launched a flag replacement program in Greater Houston. The employees are a part of a resource group known as VetNet, which consists of veterans, military family members, active reserve service members and others supporters of the military community.

If a Comcast technician notices a worn flag, they can notify VetNet. The group will then reach out to the business owner or homeowner and offer to replace the American Flag with a new one for free. The business owner or homeowner does not need to be a Comcast customer. The individual can keep the worn flag or turn it over to VetNet – which will gladly retire it with honor in partnership with the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Comcast employee and veteran Brian Wright salutes the American Flag at Comcast Texas' first flag replacement event in southwest Houston.
A veteran who is a member of Comcast Texas’ Veterans Network salutes the American Flag.

If you are interested in having your tattered flag replaced by Comcast Texas’ VetNet, email richard_chance@cable.comcast.com with your name, address and the location of the flag.

Comcast is deeply committed to the military community. The company has hired more than 19,400 veterans, National Guard and military spouses since 2015. They’ve donated more than $197 million to military community organizations since 2011. You can learn more here.

Comcast Texas also recently announced plans to open two veteran-serving, Wi-Fi connected laptop-equipped “Lift Zones” in Houston.

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