A Better Future for All

As a media and technology company, we are committed to using the power of our platforms, our people, and our reach to create positive change and a more equitable society. By supporting local communities, our teammates, and our planet we can help create a world of open possibilities — so together, we can build a future that benefits generations to come.

We imagine a world where everyone has what they need to shape the future.

As that world becomes more digital, it’s our responsibility to use media and technology to ensure that everyone has the resources and opportunities they need to participate and excel in today’s economy.

Internet Essentials


So much of life and work happens online – but not everyone has Internet service at home. To help bridge the gap, we launched Internet Essentials in 2011 to bring affordable, high-speed Internet to low-income families. Today, Internet Essentials is the largest and most comprehensive Internet adoption program in the United States, connecting more than 10 million Americans in 10 years.


Together with nonprofit partners and city leaders, we are building safe spaces for students and families to connect to free WiFi for distance learning at more than 1,000 Lift Zones in community centers across the country. 

Lift Zones