Name: Ricardo Nazario

Nominating Organization: Crime Stoppers of Houston

Ricardo L. Nazario was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico on July 26, 1966. He is the third of five children. He attended college and graduated from Houston Baptist University with a Bachelors degree with a double major in Finance and Spanish in 1988. Ricardo and his wife Joan have been married for over 32 years and they have three adult children and two granddaughters. They reside in Houston, Texas.

Ricardo has had a successful career as a financial advisor, and currently serves as Founding Partner of T.O.S. Advisors, LLC in Houston, Texas.

He came from humble beginnings and has worked hard and been blessed to have led a successful life. He wants to inspire others to achieve their goals. Ricardo is passionate about community service and seeks ways to serve his community in whatever capacity he can. He has three areas of passion: supporting law enforcement, mentoring children and using his financial knowledge and position to improve the situation of others.

Ricardo has served as a member of Crime Stoppers of Houston Executive Board since January 2011, an organization with a mission of solving and preventing serious crimes in the Greater Houston area. Crime Stoppers of Houston is the leading chapter of Crime Stoppers in the U.S. in terms of helping to apprehend criminals. As a member of the Crime Stoppers of Houston Board, Ricardo has worked directly with the Safe Schools Program. Ricardo has personally visited area schools to educate children on understanding what crime is, the importance of reporting a crime and rewards for doing so.

A few years ago, Ricardo was asked to participate in Capital One’s “Principal for a Day” program and was assigned to Isaac Elementary in Houston’s Fifth Ward. Since then, he has become a frequent visitor at the school, reading to the children and teaching them life lessons.

His favorite activity is to show the students of Isaac Elementary how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, using it as a metaphor to teach them there are many ways to solve problems in life. A few years ago, when the second graders were studying A Christmas Carol, he personally took the entire class to see the play in downtown Houston.

Over the last seven years, he has brought hundreds of children who had scored 85 percent or higher on a major state aptitude test, to his ranch where they enjoyed a day of outdoor activities – fishing, boating, playing volleyball and basketball, going on a hayride, experiencing a petting zoo and enjoying a meal.

Ricardo also mentors college students from universities around the country. He answers questions about the financial world and gives tips on subjects such as how to interview for a job, time management and transitioning from college to the real world.

Ricardo often shares financial advice with the Hispanic community in the Houston area. He is a contributor for Univision’s Primera Edición and Noticias 45 Evening News, and has been invited by KPRC radio to share advice on various financial topics. Through these mediums he shares advice on funding college education, planning for retirement, educating children about finances and starting a business. These outlets give him a venue for providing information on financial management that will help people, especially the Latino community, break the chain of financial dependence and open doors to financial freedom, flexibility and opportunities.

Ricardo also volunteers and speaks around the Houston area. Ricardo and his wife have sponsored engaged couples at St. Michaels Catholic School, talking with them about the realities of marriage.

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