Xfinity’s Rapid Speeds Help Hempstead Man Conduct Research

Xfinity technician installs service in Hempstead

David Hackett spends a lot of time on the Internet. We’re talking eight to 10 hours on the World Wide Web every day. Hackett uses it as a tool to do research. The long-time Hempstead resident says the Xfinity network’s fast speeds blow his previous Internet Service Provider out of the water. Take a look 👇🏼.

Hackett says the Internet is important to him because it allows him to do legal research and shop online for parts to restore his car.

“The Internet is important to me,” Hackett said. “It’s part of my life, especially when I’m doing research I don’t have to go to the library.”

Comcast began constructing its Xfinity fiber network in Hempstead last December as a part of its $265M network expansion in 2024. Blake Gunnels is one of the Xfinity technicians helping customers like Hackett get connected in the area.

“I’ve heard from a lot of customers out in Hempstead that they either don’t have Internet at all or they have very spotty Internet,” Gunnels said. “I think it’s very important, the difference Comcast makes to provide fast internet that they can rely on.”

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