Houston Public Media Digs into Digital Divide and Comcast’s Mission to Close It 

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Non-profit Houston Public Media, along with the Greater Houston Partnership, is taking a closer look at the gap between those who have broadband access and those who don’t, referred to as the “digital divide”. The three part docuseries “Connected” shines a spotlight on solutions like Lift Zones, community partnerships and programs that are shrinking the digital divide by connecting southeast Texans to the moments that matter most.

Connected Series 2

Episode 1 features a Comcast “Lift Zone”, a place anyone can go to access free WiFi.

At the Richmond Boys and Girls Club, Ironesha Jones stops by with her children after school.  They jump on computers to log into the internet, do homework and attend tutorials.  

Last year, her kids were failing several subjects in school. With no internet at home, they weren’t able to get their online coursework completed and turned in.  Now, Jones turns to her neighborhood “Lift Zone” for free, safe WiFi access. Her children’s grades are back on track.

Episode 2 explores challenges to internet adoption and partnerships with community organizations.  

Episode 3 follows Comcast’s expansion and efforts to connect communities to career opportunities and life resources. 

Comcast Texas invested more than a million dollars to shrink the digital divide in 2023. 


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