Volunteers Help Feed More Than 150 Families in Waller, Texas

A Team UP volunteer helps carry a turkey and bag for a woman.

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, the line of cars didn’t slow down outside Waller Assistance & Restoration Ministries, also known as WARM. The need for help evident from the steady flow of traffic. More than 150 families showed up at the Waller area non-profit to receive all the fixings for a feast including a turkey.

Volunteers greeted children and their parents with smiles as they helped load bags of food into cars. For the Comcast Texas employees who volunteered, the chance to make a difference is something they couldn’t pass up. Take a look at why they felt compelled to act.👇 

The volunteers who made the food drive and Thanksgiving meal event possible are part of Comcast’s Team UP program – an always-on, 365-days-a-year effort to provide employees opportunities to get more involved in their communities.

Stephanie Loving is the Sr. Manager of Government Affairs for Comcast Texas. Loving said she wants communities across the area to know Comcast is more than just an Internet service provider. She said the company employs people from across southeast Texas. It’s where she and so many others call home. Loving said giving back, especially during the holiday season, is part of Comcast’s culture.

“Connectivity really is more than just whether or not you can communicate with your family,” Loving said. “It really is economic prosperity. It can be the differentiator of outcomes. At the end of the day, we’re people. We make up this company. We live in these communities. We care about these communities.” 

Volunteers help sort  through canned goods for Thanksgiving food drive.

Team UP volunteers sort canned goods following a food drive in November.

Eric Kulbeck is WARM’s executive director. He said the need continues to grow year-after-year in the Waller area. The organization was founded in 2005 by merging two long-standing Christian outreach ministries. Kulbeck said they remain committed to meeting the community’s needs and welcome donations from ordinary people and companies like Comcast.

“We may not be at the table with those folks who come and get a meal from us,” Kulbeck said. “We’re virtually there. We help them get that meal. It kind of gives me chills to know to know we were able to feed 170 families.”

For more information on how you can help support WARM, visit their website.

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