Digital Learning Series Empowers Young Adults in Houston’s Third Ward

A young adults writes down tips during a Lift Zone Learning Series by Comcast.

The key to landing your dream job is often in the pitch. How do you best sell your expertise and skillset? How do you convince an employer to give you the coveted position over another well-qualified candidate? The answer starts with your resume and your initial interview.

A student raises her hand during a resume building class.

A student raises her hand and asks a question at the Lift Zone learning session

That topic was front and center at Emancipation Park. About 20 participants from Big Brothers Big Sisters sat and listened intently inside the Lift Zone at the historic park in Houston’s Third Ward. A Lift Zone is a free, WiFi-connected space typically located in community centers.

The event engaged the young adults in the BBBS program, equipping them with essential tools as they prepare to enter college or the workforce. The important conversation was part of Comcast Texas’ Lift Zone Learning Series – an innovative approach to provide skills-based trainings to help individuals empower their careers.

Participants from the learning session smile in a group photo.

Participants smile alongside Comcast representatives after the resume building session

The most recent session focused on resume building techniques, mock-interview coaching and the fundamentals of networking. The participants were part of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Technology Career Awareness & Digital Technology Skills Program. The two-hour class was led by James Cabarrus, a seasoned and skilled professional who helps employees build and grow their careers at Comcast.

“Sharing my knowledge and experience with this enthusiastic audience was an absolute pleasure. I can’t help but feel humbled by the positive feedback I received. Seeing their eagerness to learn and grow was truly inspiring!” Cabarrus said. “During the session, we delved deep into the art of crafting an impactful resume, capturing recruiters’ attention and showcasing our unique skill sets effectively. We explored strategies to ace interviews – from mastering common interview questions to nailing behavioral and situational inquiries. Additionally, we touched upon the fundamentals of leadership, discussing key principles that empower individuals to take charge and make a positive impact in any role. It was inspiring to witness the students’ willingness to embrace leadership qualities and develop their potential as future leaders.”

The partnership between the technology leader and Big Brothers Big Sisters made perfect sense, blending two organizations’ needs and resources together to offer a key learning opportunity.

The Lift Zone learning series continues in November. The next phase of this series will introduce the students to career opportunities in the technology field. They will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of experts including Comcast leaders.

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