Giving Back is Good for the Soul, Team UP Launches in Houston

Comcast employees volunteering at Kids' Meals

Volunteerism can enhance community cohesion, revitalize forgotten neighborhoods, and forever change lives. At Comcast, it is at the heart of the company’s culture. That spirit of giving continues to bring together Comcast teams from across Greater Houston to uplift and support the areas they work in and the areas they call home.

Comcast Houston launched Team UP — a year round program that helps Comcast employees get more involved with volunteer projects in the Houston community. Team UP replaces Comcast Cares.

Comcast Houston employees recently volunteered alongside Big Brothers Big Sisters children at Kids’ Meals in the Garden Oaks neighborhood in a Team UP kickoff celebration. The group decorated lunch bags and packed meals to be distributed to children in need.

Kids’ Meals is an unique non-profit dedicated to feeding hungry children by delivering free, healthy meals directly to their doors. Since their inception in 2006, Kids’ Meals has given away more than 7 million meals. They currently deliver over 6,000 meals every week to help end childhood hunger.

Gema Morales currently serves as Sr. Manager Business Operations for Comcast Houston. She is an adult volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters. She spoke about her passion for giving back, sharing a personal reflection of the challenges she faced in her youth.

“I came to the United States when I was 13 years old,” Morales said. “It was not easy. My Dad was driving all over the United States and he needed an interpreter. That’s what I did on my time off from school. I didn’t get to enjoy the things that normally kids or teenagers get to enjoy. I wish I would have had someone that could’ve guided me, to really look into what I wanted to be in life. That’s my main purpose right now to volunteer, to be able to influence someone, to be able to plant that seed of curiosity, and to tell them not to give up. Comcast has been so great about giving me those opportunities. I love the feel it gives me.”

Jay Davis currently serves as Technical Operations Manager for Comcast Houston. He too joined the Team UP event at Kids’ Meals. He spoke candidly about the role his spiritual leader played in shaping his life and inspiring him to always give back to his community.

“Giving back is essential in seeing your community rise.” Davis said. “That’s something that Pastor Wilford Darden used to always say to me. He passed recently so I think he’s looking down, very proud of the man he played such a huge role in. I think he would be extremely happy that I continue the legacy he championed with me. I love being in this environment. When I was walking back here and I was looking at all the bags, I think about each kid who is going to receive one of these bags and how it will help them get through their day. It’s one of the reasons I love the company that I work for. It makes me very proud to know my Team UP is here.”

Team UP aligns with Project UP, Comcast’s ongoing $1 billion initiative to build a future of unlimited possibilities by expanding access to connectivity with an emphasis on advancing economic mobility and opening doors for the next generation of creators, entrepreneurs, innovators, and storytellers.

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