State of Texas Selects Comcast Business to Offer High-Speed Networking Solutions Throughout the State

To meet its evolving and complex telecommunications and network needs, the State of Texas requires fast, reliable and scalable network services to support the needs of statewide agencies and schools – both of which have experienced significant operational changes over the past few years.

Between distributing resources for residents, protecting sensitive data and coordinating aid to combat natural disaster events, advanced networking technology was already becoming more of a critical investment for Texas. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated this reality, creating virtual and hybrid environments that posed new opportunities to further network the state so that its institutions could keep on track, regardless of the situation.

Today, the State of Texas’ Department of Information Resources (DIR) selected Comcast Business as one of its providers in delivering high-capacity, fiber and broadband services to state agencies and public sector entities throughout Texas. The agreement represents the state’s next step toward ensuring that flexible and affordable networking solutions are quickly available to the institutions that need it.

“We understand how critical it is for Texas’ agencies and educational institutions to stay up-to-date on, and connected to, some of the latest network solutions, particularly as reliance on them has increased exponentially in recent years,” said David Cross, Vice President of Public Sector Sales for Comcast Business. “We are proud to be able to offer a convenient and quick path to network connectivity for the State of Texas. We look forward to future partnerships, and to building the future of Texas’ network.”


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